IT-Prüfung EXAM C2040-414 Prüfungsfragen PDF 

IT-Prüfung EXAM C2040-414 Prüfungsfragen PDF IBM Sametime 9.0 Fundamentals (ICND2 v3.0)


The IBM Sametime Meeting Server supports which file types for document conversion?

A. zip, iso, exe
B. doc. xls. ppt
C. log, csv, key
D. vcf. xml. wav

Answer: B


In which policy is the setting „Allow screen sharing“ found?

A. Meeting
B. Sametime
C. Media Manager
D. Instant Messaging

Answer: A


The ability to create an audio video conference with more than two participants requires the use of which type of server?

A. IBM Sametime Proxy Server
B. IBM Sametime Video Manager
C. IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Server
D. IBM Sametime Multimedia Control Server

Answer: B

C2040-414 Prüfungsvorbereitung Studienmaterial deutsch IBM Sametime 9.0 Fundamentals


Which two features are included with Sametime 9 Mobile Chat Client?

A. Meeting support
B. Broadcast tool support
C. Multi-point video on phone
D. Point-to-point video on tablets
E. Push-notification support for Android

Answer: A,E


Mary supports an internal IBM Sametime 9.0 environment used for instant messaging, presence awareness and meeting rooms with audio and video features.

What additional components are required to allow external Sametime Connect clients to use audio and video features without a VPN connection?

A. Sametime TURN server and Sametime Proxy server
B. Sametime TURN server and IBM SIP Edge Proxy server
C. Sametime TURN server and Sametime Audio/Video Bridge
D. SIP Edge Proxy Server and Sametime AudioA/ideo Bridge

Answer: B

IT-Prüfungen C2040-414 IBM Sametime 9.0 Fundamentals


James, the IBM Sametime administrator, would like to configure the Sametime Proxy Server to use an IBM Connections server for Business Card information instead of the Sametime Community Server.

Where would James make this change?

A. stconfig.nsf database on the Sametime Community Server
B. Sametime Administration Tool under Configuration > Business Card Setup
C. Sametime System Console under Sametime Servers > Sametime Proxy Servers
D. Sametime System Console under Servers > WebSphere Application Servers > STProxyServer

Answer: B