Prüfungsvorbereitung exam C2040-402 Testfragen Prüfungsvorbereitung exam C2040-402 Testfragen Administering IBM Connections 4.0

Bill must perform on-line backups. Of the following, which should be the first step?
A. He must backup the database before the file system.
B. He must tell the wiki IBM WebSphere Application Server to quit.
C. He must stop the IBM HTTP Server.
D. He should open the WebSphere Application Server administration client and select on-line backup modeling.

Answer: A

What is the default Connections DB2 username used to access Connections DB2 tables?

A. wsadmin
B. lcuser
C. lcadmin
D. dbadmin

Answer: B

IT-Prüfungen C2040-402 Administering IBM Connections 4.0

What is the purpose of the dsx-admin role?

A. It is used by all applications to control which user IDs can query for seedlist information.
B. It is used by all applications that make widgets available within Communities.
C. It is used by Profiles and Communities to retrieve user or community data.
D. It is used as a system-level user for application-to-application communications.

Answer: C

Which of the following statements describes the role of IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator in an IBM Connections 4.0 environment?

A. It provides a mechanism for the underlying IBM WebSphere Application Server to authenticate against an LDAP directory.
B. It provides a mechanism to populate the Profiles database with LDAP user information and to keep the same synchronized.
C. It provides Connectors that allow IBM WebSphere Portal server to access various file-system directories on different systems.
D. It provides a ready-made solution to keep multiple,supported LDAP directories synchronized.

Answer: B

C2040-402 Prüfungsfragen Administering IBM Connections 4.0

Kevin, the IBM Connections administrator, wants to enable IBM WebSphere Application Server administrative security. Which of the following statements about federated repositories is true?

A. Connections 4.0 supports federated repositories,however the default file-based user registry must be deleted.
B. Connections 4.0 supports federated repositories,and the default file based registry can coexist with as many additional LDAP user registriesas required.
C. Connections 4.0 does not require a federated repository configuration as it supports a
standalone LDAP repository.
D. Connections 4.0 support for federated repositories provides the flexibility of allowing multiple users with the same user ID and distinguishedname (DN).

Answer: B

Prüfungsvorbereitung Exam C2030-280 Prüfungsfragen Prüfungsvorbereitung Exam C2030-280 Prüfungsfragen, C2030-280 Examensfragen IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1 (ICND2 v3.0)


Cloud architectures designed for service delivery and availability of servicesare extremely important. How is software failure within a cloud infrastructure environment handled? (Choose two.)

A. replace the failed node
B. restart the software image
C. use elastic IP addresses for consistent and re-mappable routes
D. allow thestate of the system to re-sync by reloading messages from queues
E. design services with proper real time disaster recovery and stateful user context

Answer: D,E


Which term is used to describe a hypervisor running multiple operating systems simultaneously?

A. full virtualization
B. paravirtualization
C. partial virtualization
D. nested virtualization

Answer: D


What are two considerations before moving data to a public cloud? (Choose two.)

A. A company mustrestructure all data to accommodate a public cloud data model.
B. A company should analyze all legal and regulatory issues that pertain to the data.
C. A company can safely assume that cloud services will replicate and backup all of their data.
D. A company should encrypt all data so that they do not have to analyze legal and regulatory issues.
E. A company should analyze data structure to see if they can take advantage of public cloud data models.

Answer: B,E

C2030-280 Prüfungsvorbereitung deutsch IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1


What is a critical and uniquecomponent during the design and planning process for a cloud service?

A. IT Service availability
B. Business Service availability
C. IT Infrastructure/Component availability
D. IT Service and Infrastructure/Component availability

Answer: B


What are two optimized workload characteristics supported by the IBM cloud portfolio? (Choose two.)

A. analytics
B. tightly-coupled
C. centralized message bus
D. high-performance computing
E. structured related data model

Answer: A,D

IT-Prüfungen C2030-280 IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1


A cloud infrastructure should be architected to accommodate which technical risks?

A. overflowingnetwork buffers resulting in loss of data
B. termination of service by an internet service provider
C. fiber cable damage causing a failover to copper channels
D. unauthorized configuration changes to storage network devices

Answer: D

IBM Exam übungstest C2020-930 Prüfungsfragen IBM Exam übungstest C2020-930 Prüfungsfragen IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3 (ICND2 v3.0)


You have optimized four models that do not meet your performance goals. You believe that by mergingthese models together you would achieve better performance.

Which node would allow you to accomplish this task?

A. Aggregate node
B. Reclassify node
C. Regression node
D. Ensemble node

Answer: B


You have a data set with two different date fields (columns). Your analysis requires you to create a new field which is the number of calendar days elapsed between these two dates.

Which node will you use to accomplish this task?

A. Filter node
B. Type node
C. Derive node
D. Reclassify node

Answer: A

Prüfungsvorbereitung Studienmaterial IBM C2020-930 deutsch IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3


An online film streaming company is interested in building a movie recommendation model by analyzing the historical film watching pattern of its customers. For example, analysis of the historical data may reveal that all the customers who watched movie A and movie B, also had a high likelihood of watching movie C. This information can then be used to recommend movie C to all future customers who watch movies A and B.

Which modeling node would be used to build such a movie recommendation model?

A. Time Series node
B. Apriori node
C. Linear node
D. Cox node

Answer: C


Which statement is correct about the Reclassify node?

A. The Reclassify node automatically creates new nominal fields based on the values of one or more existing continuous (numeric range) fields.
B. The Reclassify node enables the transformation from one set of categorical values to another.
C. The Reclassify node can be used to reduce the number of fields (columns) in the data.
D. The Reclassify node can be used to reduce the number of records (rows) in the data.

Answer: A

IT-Prüfungen C2020-930 IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3


Your analysis requires you to export data in a tab delimited file.

Which export node will you use to accomplish this task in IBM SPSS Modeler Professional?

A. Flat File
B. XML Export
C. Statistics Export
D. Excel

Answer: C

IBM it-Prüfung übungstest C2020-702 Prüfungsfragen IBM it-Prüfung übungstest C2020-702 Prüfungsfragen IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Developer

Q 1
The logging parameter within \}CubeProperties is designated by a „Yes“ or „No“ for each cube.
What does this define?

A. Data changes to the TM1 cubes logged into the tm1s.log file
B. cubepropertiesdataloggedintothetm1server.log
C. dimensionupdatesloggedintothetm1audit.log
D. userpermissionsloggedtothetm1server.log

Answer: A

Q 2
Which three are typically stored within a TM1 control object? (Choose three.)

A. A list of TM1 users
B. TM1 system errors
C. Data required by the TM1 server to perform a driver-based calculation
D. TM1 object-level security permissions
E. Statistical performance data about the TM1 server

Answer: A,D,E

IBM C2020-702 Prüfungsfragen, IBM C2020-702 Examensfragen IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Developer (ICND2 v3.0)

Q 3
What are the elements of a rule?

A. Area Definition, Qualifier, Formula, Terminator, and Sequence Indicator
B. Area Definition, Qualifier, Formula, and Priority Flag
C. Area Definition, Qualifier, Formula, and Terminator
D. Area Definition, Formula, Terminator, and Priority Flag

Answer: C

Q 4
You want to improve one TM1 cube by adding Skipcheck and Feeder statements to a Rules file.
Which statement is correct?

A. The addition of rule-calculated cells to a cube will cause reduced consumption of RAM.
B. The data integrity of consolidated cells will improve.
C. The performance of views containing rule-calculated cells will improve.
D. Cross cube rule statements will be no longer be ignored.

Answer: C

Prüfungsvorbereitung Studienmaterial IBM C2020-702 deutsch IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Developer

Q 5
Cross-Cube Feeder statements will result in a Cube Dependency relationship between the Dependent Cube (containing the feeder) and the Base Cube (the target cube of the Feeder from the Dependent Cube) if the Feeding cells contain data at Server startup or if initially null at server startup, the feeding cells are subsequently updated during the server session.
Which statement describes the relationship between the cubes having the Cube Dependency relationship?

A. Cell value updates to the Dependent Cube will invalidate the cache of the Base Cube.
B. Cell value updates to the Base Cube will invalidate the cache of the Dependent Cube.
C. Cell value updates to the Dependent Cube will invalidate the Cube Dependency.
D. Cell value updates to the Base Cube will invalidate the Cube Dependency.

Answer: A

Prüfungsvorbereitung Exam C2020-701 Testfragen Prüfungsvorbereitung Exam C2020-701 Testfragen IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Analyst

How do you configure a TM1 Web application so that users are not prompted for the TM1 Admin Host every time they log in?

A. Modify the capability assignments in TM1 Architect.
B. Edit the pmpsvc_config.xml file.
C. Edit the web.config file.
D. Change security on the top-Level application folder from „private“ to „public“.

Answer: C

A company uses Excel workbooks to access IBM Cognos TM1 data over a wide area network.
The company needs to improve the performance of their Excel workbooks which contain multiple slices from multiple TM1 cubes.
Which two changes will improve performance? (Choose two.)

A. Convert all DBR() functions to DBRW() functions.
B. Make all DBRW() functions reference a single VIEW function.
C. Convert all DBRA() functions to DBRW() functions.
D. Convert all DBRW() functions to DBR() functions.

Answer: A,C

C2020-701 Prüfungsfragen, C2020-701 Examensfragen IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Analyst (ICND2 v3.0)

Why would you use Rebuild over Recalc in an Active Form?

A. When a conditional format on a report changes
B. When metadata is added to the TM1 model that must be displayed on the row
C. When data changes along the rows of a report
D. When a leaf element is added to a consolidated element of a report

Answer: B

A TM1 Application Web user has completed data input. Which action allows the user to lock the data for review?

A. Commit
B. Save
C. Release ownership
D. Submit

Answer: D

Prüfungsvorbereitung Studienmaterial C2020-701 deutsch IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Analyst

You have imported a sales data Cognos Insight local cube. You have years, quarters, and months in different dimensions. However, for your business requirements, it would be better to have a one-time dimension.
How would you change your model?

A. Change the cube structure using the Group Dimension function.
B. Create a new cube using the Group Dimension function.
C. Change the cube structure using the Combine Dimension function.
D. Create a new cube using the Combine Dimension function.

Answer: B

LPI IT-Prüfung übungstest 117-202 Prüfungsfragen PDF LPI IT-Prüfung übungstest 117-202 Prüfungsfragen PDF Linux Networking Administration

Given this excerpt from an Apache configuration file, which of the numbered lines has INCORRECT syntax?


2: ServerAdmin

3: DocumentRoot /home/http/admin

4: ServerName

5: DirectoryIndex index.php default.php

6: ErrorLog logs/

7: CustomLog logs/ common


A. 1
B. 1 and 4
C. 1, 4 and 7
D. 1 and 5
E. None. The configuration is valid

Answer: E

Select the TWO correct statements about the following excerpt from httpd.conf:

Order allow, eny

Deny from all

A. The configuration will deny access to /var/web/dir1/private.html, /var/web/dirl/subdir2/private.html, /var/web/dirl/subdir3/private.html and any other instance of private.html found under the /var/web/dir1/directory.
B. The configuration will deny access to /var/web/dir1/private.html, but it will allow access to /var/web/dirl/subdir2/private.htm1, for example.
C. The configuration will allow access to any file named private.html under /var/web/dir1, but it will deny access to any other files
D. The configuration will allow access just to the file named private.html under /var/web/dir1
E. The configuration will allow access to /var/web/private.html, if it exists

Answer: A,E

117-202 Prüfungsfragen Linux Networking Administration

Considering the following excerpt from the httpd.conf file, select the correct answer below:

AllowOverride AuthConfig Indexes


A. The Indexes directive in the excerpt allows the use of other index-related directives such as DirectoryIndex
B. Both directives AuthConfig and Indexes found in the server’s .htaccess file will be overridden by the same directives found in the httpd.conf file
C. The AuthConfig used in the excerpt allows the use of other authentication-related directives such as AuthType
D. The excerpt is incorrect, as the AllowOverride cannot be used with Indexes, since the latter cannot be overridden
E. The excerpt is incorrect, because AllowOverride cannot be used inside a Location section

Answer: E

Which of the following lines in the Apache configuration file would allow only clients with a valid certificate to access the website?

A. SSLCA conf/ca.crt
B. AuthType ssl
C. IfModule libexec/ssl.c
D. SSLRequire
E. SSLVerifyClient require

Answer: E

Prüfungsvorbereitung auf 117-202 Studienmaterial deutsch Linux Networking Administration

Which of the following is needed, to synchronize the Unix password with the SMB password, when the encrypted SMB password in the smbpasswd file is changed?

A. Nothing, because this is not possible.
B. Run netvamp regularly, to convert the passwords.
C. Rin winbind –sync, to synchronize the passwords.
D. Add unix password sync = yes to smb.conf.
E. Add smb unix password = sync to smb.conf.

Answer: D

lpi übungstest Exam 117-201 Prüfungsfragen lpi übungstest Exam 117-201 Prüfungsfragen Linux Advanced Administration (ICND2 v3.0)

A server has three disks of 80GB each and must manage a database with 4 million records of 30KB each. The best configuration for this server, with the criteria being performance, configurability and flexibility, is:

A. Use just LVM
B. Use RAID1 over LVM
C. Use LVM over RAID5
D. Use LVM over RAID1
E. Use RAID5 over LVM

Answer: C

RAID1 would not be performance enhancing (Mirroring), as would the default LVM (linear). So use a RAID5 for redundancy and performance and use LVM for added configurability and flexibility A striped LVM only would work too, I guess, if you need no redundancy at all.

The correct command sequence to create logical volumes on a Linux system is:

A. lvcreate, pvcreate, vgcreate, mount, mke2fs
B. pvcreate, vgcreate, lvcreate, mke2fs, mount
C. vgcreate, lvcreate, pvcreate, mount, mke2fs
D. mke2fs, pvcreate, vgcreate, lvcreate, mount
E. pvcreate, lvcreate, vgcreate, mount, mke2fs

Answer: B

Prüfungsvorbereitung 117-201 Studienmaterial deutsch Linux Advanced Administration

What is the usable disk space of a RAID 5 array of five 18GB drives with one drive dedicated as a spare?

A. 18GB
B. 36GB
C. 54GB
D. 72GB
E. 90GB

Answer: C

You decide to use the logical volume manager (LVM) to manage four 4GB disk drives. After creating the volume group, how would you create a 10GB logical volume called big-app?

A. vgcreate -p 10g -n /dev/vg01/big-app
B. vgcreate -l 2560 /dev/vg01/big-app
C. mklvm -v 10240 -n /dev/vg01/big-app
D. lvcreate -v 10240 /dev/vg01/big-app
E. lvcreate -l 2560 vg01 -n big-app

Answer: E

IT-Prüfungen 117-201 Linux Advanced Administration

What is the purpose of vgextend?

A. Extend a volume group’s footprint on disk
B. Add physical volumes to a volume group
C. Increase the number of days between scheduled error checking
D. Create a volume group which uses all available space on disk

Answer: B

Prüfungsvorbereitung zertifizierung 117-102 Testfragen Prüfungsvorbereitung zertifizierung 117-102 Testfragen deutsch General Linux, Part 2

On a default Linux system, what file system type does the dump command act upon?

A. Ext2
E. ReiserFS

Answer: A

Your machine has two working NIC’s with proper addresses. You want to split your network into two new subnets. What single command will accomplish this?

A. ifconfig
B. route
C. default
D. netstat
E. None of the choices

Answer: A

IT-Prüfungen 117-102 General Linux, Part 2

Which file system should never be backed up, and therefore never have to be restored?

A. ufs
B. usr
C. tmp
D. home
E. swap

Answer: E

Which directory tree is ordinarily the least likely to be backup or restore?

A. /tmp
B. /var
C. /proc
D. /usr
E. /usr

Answer: C

117-102 Prüfungsfragen General Linux, Part 2

What command will verify the syntax of a hosts.allow and hosts.deny file combination?

A. tcpdchk
B. verify –tcp
C. ipswitch
D. tcpdump
E. tcpdmatch

Answer: A

LPI Prüfung Exam 117-101 Testfragen 

LPI Prüfung Exam 117-101 Testfragen General Linux, Part 1 (ICND2 v3.0)

You suspect that a new ethernet card might be conflicting with another device. Which file should you check within the /proc tree to learn which IRQs are being used by which kernel drives?

A. interrupts
B. /proc/interrupts

Answer: AB

How many SCSI ids for peripherals can SCSI-1 support?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

Answer: C

Prüfungsvorbereitung Studienmaterialien 117-101 deutsch General Linux, Part 1

You need to install a fax server. Which type of fax/modem should you install to insure Linux compatibility?

A. External Serial Fax/modem
B. External USB Fax/modem
C. Internal ISA Fax/modem
D. Internal PCI Fax/modem

Answer: A

You are running Linux 2.0.36 and you need to add a USB mouse to your system. Which of the following statements is true?

A. You need to rebuild the kernel.
B. You need to upgrade the kernel.
C. You need to load the USB modules for your existing modular kernel.
D. USB support is no available in Linux.

Answer: B

IT-Prüfungen 117-101 General Linux, Part 1

You have just upgraded your PC to a 60 gigabyte IDE drive. While partitioning the drive, you notice that only 32 gigabytes are available. Which of the following will most likely allow you to use the entire drive?

A. Create two smaller partitions of 30 gigabytes each.
B. Set the PC BIOS to use LBA mode.
C. Create a partition that resides entirely below the first 1024 cylinders.
D. Use GRUB or the latest version of LILO as a bootloader.
E. Upgrade the PC BIOS to the latest version available.

Answer: E

Prüfungsvorbereitung zertifizierung 117-300 Prüfungsfragen

Prüfungsvorbereitung zertifizierung 117-300 Prüfungsfragen LPI Level 3 Exam 300 (ICND2 v3.0)

Which of the following parameters is used in the database on a slave server to direct clients that want to make changes to the OpenLDAP database to the master server?

A. updatedn
B. updateserver
C. updateref
D. updateuri

Answer: C

It is found that changes made to an OpenLDAP directory are no longer being replicated to the slave server at Tests prove that the slave server is listening on the correct port and changes are being recorded properly to the replication log file. In which file would you find the replication errors?

A. replication.err
B. replication.rej

Answer: C


In an OpenLDAP masters’s slapd.conf configuration file, a replica configuration option is needed to enable a slave OpenLDAP server to replicate. What value is required in the following setting:
bindmethod=____________ if using passwords for master/slave authentication? (Only specify the missing value)

A. simple

Answer: A

Prüfungsvorbereitung auf 117-300 Studienmateriaienl deutsch LPI Level 3 Exam 300

In the example below, what is the missing argument that is required to use secret as the password to authenticate the replication push with a slave directory server?

replica uri=ldaps: // 636


bindmethod=simple ______________=secret

A. secure
B. master
C. credentials
D. password

Answer: C


Below is an ACL entry from a slapd.conf file. Fill in the access control level setting to prevent users from retrieving passwords.

access to attrs=lmPassword,ntPassword by dn=“cn=smbadmin,dc=samplenet“ write by * _______

A. none

Answer: A

IT-Prüfungen 117-300 LPI Level 3 Exam 300

When configuring OpenLDAP to use certificates, which option should be used with the TLSVerifyClient directive to ask the client for a valid certificate in order to proceed normally?

A. never
B. allow
C. try
D. demand

Answer: D